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Puzzle Tangram Jigsaw Wooden Tetris Puzzle 40 PCS - SainSmart Jr.

Wooden Blocks Puzzle (40 pcs)

SainSmart Jr.

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CREATIVE BRAIN TOY: Your child could use so many colorful wooden building blocks to pose a variety of graphics. You need get these blocks all back together on the board with no spaces. It is a good alternative to computer games.

IMAGINATION AND HAND-MAKING: It encourages problem solving and creativity since it can be solved so many different ways. While there are multiple ways, it is still a challenge. You won't solve it every time.

GREAT QUALITY: These blocks are made from healthy and natural maple, non-toxic paints. Every piece has decent size pieces and they are very light weight.

40 PIECES: A set of 40 pcs. There are 5 of each color. Aims at develop his mind and imagination, exercise his ability eye-hand coordination and color shape recognition etc.

SPECIAL GIFT: It is not only very suitable for baby age 2-8, but also the old are supposed to use it to prevent brain degenerative.




  • Instruct baby correct understanding of various geometric shapes and colors forehead
  • Instruct baby thinking ability and exercise baby conversion relations, understanding, reasonable collocation blocks space imagination
  • Instruct baby in the actual operation process, train baby hand brain application
  • Really great brain test toys apply to different IQ player
  • Good way to improve your divergent thinking and patience
  • Great fun for all the family, keeps the kids busy for hours



  • Improve your concentrations
  • Improve the hand-eye combination
  • Improve your thinking IQ level
  • Improve overall cognitive skills
  • Improve color perception.

  • Brand: SainSmart Jr.
  • Include: Wooden Tetris Puzzle
  • Included : 40pcs
  • Material: 100% beech wood


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