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Rocket Launcher for Kids, Motorized Air Rocket

Rocket Launcher for Kids, Motorized Air Rocket

SainSmart Jr.

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2 HEIGHT SETTING: The height of a motorized air rocket toy depends on the mode you choose. It will soar up to 200ft if you press the switch twice and fly up to 100ft if you press once.

SAFE LANDING: With built-in design, the parachute will automatically deploy when the rocket flies to the highest point. Once it is loaded back into the rocket, the self-launching rocket can be sent out again.

RECHARGEABLE ROCKET: Fully charged in 40 minutes, the rocket launcher toy can fly up to 25-40 times, which depend on the mode you choose.

PLAY TO LEARN: Highly restored rocket launch scenario and children can get exposure to basic physical knowledge such as the operation principle of propellers and parachutes.

MEANINGFUL GIFT: Great rocket launcher for a Birthday or Christmas gift, it has a cool and unique look, which is attractive for 8 - 12 years old boys and girls.


How does the SainSmart Jr. rocket works?

The propeller at the bottom of the rocket works by displacing the air and pulling it behind itself (the action), this movement of air then results in the rocket being pushed forward from the resulting pressure difference (the opposite reaction). The more air that is pulled behind the propeller the more thrust or forward propulsion is generated.

Application of Propellers

Most of the early aircraft used propellers, which were generally slow and flew at low altitudes. Now aircraft generally use turbojet and fan jet engines. However, propeller aircraft are still widely used as transport aircraft, and military anti-submarine aircraft because of their low fuel consumption and good economy.



How to play?

1. Turn the On/Off switch to On and the red status LED will light up, the rocket is now ready for flight.

2. Place the Spinner Missile on the launch pad. Press the launch button and the rocket will power up after approximately 3 seconds. With one press, the flight will last about 4 seconds before the parachute opens. For the rocket to reach its highest altitude (8 second flight time), press the launch button twice in quick succession.

Please Note: There is a 3 seconds delay from the time that the launch button is pressed and the Spinner Missile begins its launch. This allows time to walk a safe distance away from the missile.



Technical Specifications

Charge Time 40 Minutes
Built-in Battery 3.7V 220mAh LiPo
Rocket Weight 1.7 oz.
Rocket Height 9 inch
Flights Per Charge Up to 40 times
Flights Height Up to 200 ft.
Motor Run Time 1 Press - 4 Sec/ 2 Press - 8 Sec


The rocket has a light body, a high-tech appearance, and excellent performance. It is definitely a cool gift that is hard to refuse.




Black is mysterious and classic, white is bright and lively, all suitable for you who are interested in outdoor activities!



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