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SainSmart Jr. is committed to providing the latest, safest, and most purposeful kids toys. Our first responsibility is to your child - and we take that responsibility VERY seriously. As part of our ongoing quest for promoting safe toys, we've compiled the following information to help provide our customers with the proper assurances that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your child. If you have additional concerns or questions, we encourage you to contact us directly.

  1. All of our toys are tested to ensure they comply with the requirements of international toy standards from the United States, Canada, Australia and the European Union.
  2. Our products are tested to ensure compliance to International Industry's strict requirements for toxicology, lead, phthalates, heavy metals, and microbiological contamination.
  3. From design to production, all products are continually assessed and reviewed by our team of quality compliance professionals to ensure they are made with your child's safety at the forefront of our minds.
  4. All factories manufacturing products for SainSmart Jr. must comply with SainSmart Jr.'s rigorous manufacturing standards to ensure quality production.
  5. Our factories and our products are routinely inspected and audited by the SainSmart Jr. QA team to make sure these standards are being maintained.


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