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STEM Abilix 409PCS Programmable Robot to Learn Coding - SainSmart Jr.

STEM Abilix 409PCS Programmable Robot to Learn Coding

SainSmart Jr.

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Creative Space: 3 robotic actuators and 7 sensors with 709pcs of building blocks , multiple construction with various ideas to inspire unlimited space.

WER Sponsor: Exclusive sponsor of WER (World Educational Robot contest), which is worldly held and with significant influence.

STEM Projects: Global development of educational robotics ,Tailored STEM projects for over 10,000 schools in more than 31 countries.

Easy to Hard Robot Instruction: 4 Free APPS from easy to hard gradually show you how to control your robot. Compatible with window PC/Mac, Android/IOS and IPad/Pad.

Recommend Age: 3-18.

  • Meet Krypton (For Beginner)
It guides Kids to know all components’ function of robot which include building blocks, controller ,sensors and actuators. 

  • Krypton Programming (For Enhanced Beginner) 
Include the building module and programming ,Provide 3D building carton module to show the constructing way. 

  • Abilix Chart (For Programing learner) 
Supports standard flow chart programming.It guides Kids to design and operate complicated programs and practices their creative and logical thinking ability. 

  • Abilix Scratch (For Advanced Programming Learner) 
Graphical programming software that can drag program module to realize the scratch programming. It can test online and download the controller to operate. 


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