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Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

SainSmart Jr.

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Playing the dinosaur toy with either the TRY ME button or the infrared remote control, you could choose the different playing mode while enjoying the dinosaur world. When the dinosaur move forward, it will swing its head with gleaming eyes and sounds that make a shocked roar. When backwards, the robot dinosaur will make real footsteps sound of “BOM, BOM”

Mainly Feature
1. Two Playing Mode: With or without remote control
2. Exciting Roaring Sounds
3. Authentic Footstep Sound
4. Light-up Eyes
5. Moving Head
6. Real Walking Action

Batteries information:
The dinosaur toy required 3*AA batteries.(Included)
The remote control required 3*AA batteries. (Not included)

Recommended for 3+ age kids


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